We have been honored to host such talented artists in the gallery and are humbled by their kind words about our space. Read more below about their experiences in the gallery…

The Wilson Downtown Gallery offers a versatile and welcoming environment for artists and guests. As a first time exhibitor, I was very happy to have the support of Claire Wayman, who didn’t seem daunted at all by my many questions. The Gallery did a great job with publicity, and I was impressed with the number of people who come out for First Fridays, even on rainy nights. There’s an admirable civic spirit that inspires the gallery, and I was proud to be part of it. Thank you!
— AJ Morey, "Defy the Machine" Photography
It was an honor to be invited to exhibit at The Wilson Downtown Gallery. This venue is set up very well to exhibit a wide variety of work for area artists. The Harrisonburg Homes Team’s participation in First Fridays helps highlight the work of many talented artists. Thank you to The Harrisonburg Homes Team staff for your support of artists in the community!
— Brenda Hounshell, "Solo Show" Watercolor
The Wilson Gallery provided two things. The space, and the help. Without the help, the space would have been useless. The people there, especially Claire, enabled, encouraged, assisted, and made possible our show, Defy the Machine, by me and AJ. It’s a modern office, but keeps the historic name on the Gallery. They keep the desks for themselves, but share their walls with the world. A pleasure to work with.
— Joe Fitzgerald, "Defy the Machine" Photography
The unique space at Wilson Downtown Gallery was an amazing location for my solo show. The large, open space with authentic historic textures gave my art a backdrop that was at once urban and rustic. The downtown location and publicity efforts by Claire resulted in an artist’s reception that was well-attended and I was able to share my art with a large audience. Hanging my art during the workday was a pleasure, thanks to the atmosphere created by the Harrisonburg Homes team: both professional and relaxed. Thank you, WDG! Let’s do it again!
— Kelli Hertzler, "Solo Show" Watercolors

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